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Until Sunday Oct 26th at Midnight TSL Inner Circle is $25/Month 
Normally $67 a Month

USA - 3pm EST, 2pm CST, Noon PST Sao Paulo, Brazil - 4pm   UK - 8pm   Europe - 9pm           Cape Town, SA -9pm  Thailand - 2am Sunday  Singapore -3am Sunday   Japan - 4am Sunday  Sydney AUS - 6am Sunday 

Our goal in this is to allow guys who can't afford VA Evolve (our 3 Month Course of Absolute Change) the opportunity to see what we are all about.  Right now for  $25 a Month (Normally $67)  you can get the experience of what we do and how we teach.  There is nothing like what we offer, and unmatched results.    We Love to Teach, if You Love to Learn let's make it happen!


Weekly Webinars
Every Saturday 3pm EST (USA Timezone) we will be doing a
Worldwide Broadcast for 60mins, followed by a 30min Q&A

  • Learn a step by step process on how to - Open, Build Rapport, Sexually Escalate, Design a Lifestyle and much more.  Everyweek there will be a new topic.  See below for the next couple of topics for the month. 
  • TSL Believes in customer interaction, live coaching and accessability. Each Webinar will be recorded live with the intention to interact with the clientel present.  We only allow 25 people on per call, if the demand goes up, we will add more calls. 
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Webinar Schedule 
Every week we will be coving some indepth stuff.  
Takea look at what we have planned!

  • All Webinars will be recorded, however, the Q&A Portion will not be. This is why being on the live call is KEY!
  • All Webinars come with a PDF guide that will take you through the whole entire process. 
  • Schedule - 
    Oct 18th - Killing the Friendzone 
    How to not end up in the Friendzone and how to Get Out of It
    Included is TSL Quick Guide Killing the Friendzone 

    Oct 25 - OFF for the 21 Convention 

    Nov 1 - Easy Date Templates
    Dating Templates to Get You Rapid Results.  Not only get the date, but escalte to a sex, relationships and connection.
    Includes the TSL Quick Guide to Dating  

    Nov 8 - The First Kiss
    The Ultimate Guide to getting physical for the first time in any sitaution.   As we will see next week that if we can get a kiss we can get a close. Here we will show how to escalate to a kiss in any sitauton. 
    Includes TSL Quick Guide to The First Kiss

    Nov 15 - From Kiss to Close 
    If you can get a kiss, we will show you how to Get a Close, in about 2 mins.  This presentation will be showing you how easy and simple sexaul esaclation really is.  
    Includes the TSL Quick Guide Kiss to Close 

    Nov 22 - Social Anxiety & Social Health
    Here we will cover the end goal of being Social & Sexual.  Getting Socially Healthy.   We get more feedback on Social Anxiety than anything else.  This presentation will be covering how to manage and deal with Social Anxiety 


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Normally $67/Month - Today Only $25
Per Month



If you buy today, we’ll throw in the following bonuses and design resources for FREE just to help your life KICK ASS!

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Complete Amazon Kindle Library

Currently we are publishing 20 TSL Quick Guides to Amazon's Kindle Platform.  You will get ALL of those.  They cover everything we are teaching in the Webinars.  This is a huge value
Some of the titles are - 
- Seducing the Female Mind
- Killing the Friendzone
- The RED FLAGS of Danergous People
- 4 Step Guide to Sexual Escalation 
- The Guide to Good Sex

$197 Bonus

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The Better Man's Guide to Dating & Lifestyle 

The Better Man's Guide is your best friend when you need that boost to get you refocused.  It is a 9 part audio training program that allows you to listen in when you're at the gym, on your commute to get you empowered throughout the day.  Everybody needs a rest - The Better Man's Guide gives you the ultiamte focus on Being Social, Being Sexual and Cultivating the Lifestyle you were born to live. 

$67 Bonus



Normally $67/Month - Today Only $25 Per Month